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The need for Integrated Work Environments

This is in connection with my previous blog entry. The reason why I use Yahoo tools is that all tools are available in one place. I can access my mail, address book, RSS feeds, notes, bookmarks, photos etc.

But when I saw Newsgator, it made me think again. Is it a good solution? True, many of these features are not used in a professional environment (you would probably be using some groupware like LotusNotes), but the point worth noting is that a single provider approach is usually not feasible.

But then it would mean, using multiple providers, each with a different user id, a different password. No wonder I have made a note, which reminds me which id's I have created online!

Now, how about a solution where you are able to make all these User_id and password entries in one place and then let the software take over? You get all the data in one place, although the data is coming from different providers. You are able to customize the front-end to suit your tastes.

Well, that is what an Integrated Work Environment is all about (according to me). You tell it what you want, where to get it from and how you want it to be displayed and it does it for you. Got the idea?

Does such a solution exist? I don't think so. Let me know if there is one.