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If Google came up with an RSS Reader

What would it be like if Google came up with an RSS Reader?

* It would first buy the domain “greader” or something similar.
* It would have an index of more than 8 million different feeds.
* It would offer 1 GB space for storing posts.
* It would have an excellent search feature for searching posts.
* The interface would be simple, but at the same time powerful.
* We would be able to mail any post just at the click of a button.
* It would allow us to filter posts and also label them for future reference.
* It would also allow us to make blog entries (of course the service would be integrated with Blogger.)
* It would integrate greader with other offerings like mail, groups etc.

And finally one thing…

Guess what?

Ya, you guessed it right.

It would be Beta forever. 🙂