You can download a copy of my resume here [doc] [pdf].

Current Role

Founder of Jnaapti – I build products to make computer science education fun and involving
I also coach professionals and students on various software concepts and technologies

Educational Qualification

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from SJCE, Mysore (2005)

Skill set

The breadth of the organizations that I have worked in, include a large organization, a startup that got acquired, and two early stage startups. I have played various roles in these organizations – right from being the founder of the current startup, to being involved in front-end development, server-side development, system-side development and engineering/project management/technical architect. I have played major roles in end to end product development – right from requirements gathering, conceptualization, development, testing, deployment, analytics and back.

Programming/Scripting languages

Java/J2EE, Python, BASH and Linux scripting, Javascript, PHP


Design patterns, OOP, Functional paradigm, REST architecture

Emerging Technologies

Amazon AWS and Cloud computing, Qemu/KVM, LXC, Virtualization, HTML5, Semantic web technologies (RDF/OWL), Hadoop

Data Stores

MySQL, MongoDB, Graph databases and RDF stores


LAMP, Apache2, Drupal, web2py, Thrift, Apache Solr, jQuery, GIT, SVN, Maven, Spring, Hibernate, Django and Django Packages like Celery, Sentry, Haystack, Tastypie etc

Operating Systems

Ubuntu (Desktop and Server Editions), Debian, Fedora, CentOS


Total: 7 years professional experience and .5 years internship experience
Jnaapti – April 2011 to present
Semgel Technologies – August 2009 to March 2011
Lulu / weRead – January 2008 to August 2009
IBM India Software Labs – July 2005 to January 2008
IBM India Software Labs (Internship) – July 2004 to September 2004 and February 2005 to May 2005

Corporate Training Experience

Client Topic(s) Duration
Akamai Advanced Javascript 2 days (Oct ’11)
Python 3 days (Jul ’12)
Java 3 days (Sep ’12)
Fidelity Java, J2EE, Spring and Hibernate 10 days (Sep ’11)
FICO Java 5 days (Apr ’12)
Java, Junit 5 days (Sep ’12)
ModelN Java and J2EE 30 days remote (Jun/Jul ’11)
NSN Java 3 days (Apr ’12)
OnMobile Python 2 days (Aug ’12)
Java Best Practices 2 days (Sep ’12)
Sanovi Java and Linux Scripting 4 days (Nov ’11)
Vmware Advanced Django 4 days (Jun ’12)

Software Engineering Experience

April 2011 to present – I am currently incubating a product/service startup named Jnaapti. Jnaapti is my effort to bring about a radical change in higher education and corporate training.

At Jnaapti, we build products that make computer science education fun and involving. We provide self-paced, personalized learning solutions to the masses. We specialize in custom course-content creation in niche areas in the web engineering domain.

Right now, I am the only person – so I handle everything from business development to engineering.

Noteworthy work:

  • I work with several tools and technologies as part of my daily work and rely heavily on Linux tools, system administration tools, Python and virtualization technologies while building the product and course content.
  • The Jnaapti products are built using Python, web2py, BASH, Javascript and Linux virtualization technologies. Currently some of the challenges that we are after: Content management, contextualization and delivery, Analyzing learning patterns, interactive learning and training, Innovation in online applications and Code analysis and testing.
  • Created a micro-cloud development environment based on KVM, as this helps in keeping the development environment as close to the production environment as possible and also helps in having a cleanly replicable deployment.

August 2009 to March 2011 – I headed engineering at Semgel Technologies. I played the role of a backend engineer, architect, performance lead and test engineer and a system administrator. Noteworthy contributions:

  • Evaluating various RDF stores, semantic web libraries and inferencing systems
  • Worked on various aspects of product – coming up with architecture, asynchronous task management system that can execute tasks in parallel (lightweight JMS-like implementation), code generators using JET, expression parsers using ANTLR and expression evaluators using Jena builtins, auto-object conversion between JSON and POJO’s via Jackson and JET to solve issues of static typing requirements in Java and dynamic typing in JSON, a lightweight stateful load balancer using Cherrypy
  • Setting up the complete cloud infrastructure and building a completely replicable deployment and automating portions of it – setting up versioning systems, backups, configuration management, deployment, load balancing, monitoring, sanity checking/auto-recovery, basic analytics, setup of the entire cluster using Amazon Web Services (AWS/EC2/S3)

Jan 2008 to August 2009 – I worked on weRead and Lulu Poetry development. Noteworthy contributions are:

  • Part of a 2 person development team, which worked on rewriting the site (which is now Lulu Poetry) from scratch using the Python Django engine, Thrift, Apache Solr and the Magnolia CMS. The work involved designing, building and using Thrift services and migrating the legacy data to the new system on an extremely aggressive schedule.
  • Owned, architected, designed and developed the weRead application for the Yahoo Application Platform making it the first book application to be launched on Yahoo.
  • I fully owned the design and development of Author’s corner in weRead: Authors Corner is a platform for Authors to interact with their readers. It was built from scratch using Drupal CMS. I have solved quite a few challenging problems like author profile claim and book claim processes, author deduplication and indexing via Solr, providing statistics to authors via RRDTool to mention a few.
  • I also owned and initiated SEO and internationalization efforts in weRead.
  • I was responsible for the launch of weRead on Hi5.
  • I have also done system administration work including server administration, log analytics etc.

Jan 2007 to Jan 2008

  • Worked on a project to provide support for the Bayeux protocol in WebSphere Application Server Community Edition and Geronimo.
  • Also worked in a project to provide a hosted IDE called Zero Alive for Project Zero.

Jul 2005 to Jan 2007

  • Worked in the development of the Security Policy Editor component of IBM WebSphere RFID Information Center.

Feb 2005 to May 2005

  • Development of Abstract User Interfaces from Data models using Eclipse Modeling Framework and AUIML” – project work carried out at IBM India Software Lab, Bangalore.

Jul 2004 to Sep 2004

  • “An alternative approach for UI design using XML/XSL in place of Java/JSP based approach” – a mini project carried out as part of project training in IBM ISL, Bangalore.
  • “Constraint analysis of strictly conforming C programs” – a project on the front end of compiler design.

Leadership and management experience

  • As part of Jnaapti, I am involved in business development, planning and execution.
  • Lead the engineering team in Semgel Technologies and was responsible for product delivery.
  • Successfully guided an internship project to bring Eclipse functionality to the browser. I was the brain behind this project and also its lead.
  • Part of the program committee which organized the National Conference on Web 2.0 organized by Computer Society of India, Bangalore.
  • I was involved in project internship programs and other university related initiatives in IBM.
  • Chairman of CSI-SJCE during the academic year 2004-05.
  • Headed the national level annual event of CSI-SJCE, “TechnologiX’05” held on April 01 and 02, 2005. Organized a unique event “Imagine” at TechnologiX’05.
  • Worked as Joint secretary of CSI-SJCE during the academic year 2003-04. Jointly organized Mousehunt at TechnologiX’04. Also worked as stage-management committee leader for TechnologiX’04.

Talks and Lectures

  • Conducted workshops on “Google AppEngine” in SJCET, Yemmiganur and Shirdi Sai Engineering College, Bangalore – Mar ’12
  • Delivered a talk on “Dealing with Web Scale Data” in NIT, Calicut, NMAMIT, Nitte and
    MIT, Manipal – Feb ’12 and Mar ’12
  • Delivered an extended version of the talk on setting up desktop cloud environments in Logica – Sep ’11.
  • Speaker at the event Scaling PHP in the Cloud. Topic: Setting up a virtual desktop cloud environment – Jul ’11.
  • Conducted a hands-on session on ‘Plug-in development in Eclipse’ in IIIT, Bangalore – Oct ’07.
  • Delivered a lecture and conducted a hands-on session on ‘RCP application development’ in VIT, Pune – Sep ’07.
  • Delivered a lecture on Eclipse in VTU, Edusat – Sep ’07.
  • Conducted a workshop on open source as part of IBM Technology Workshop in SJCE, Mysore. Delivered a talk and conducted a hands-on session on Eclipse as part of this workshop – Apr ’07.
  • Co-speaker for the talk on ‘Innovation in Lotus products’ delivered in SJCE, Mysore as part of TechnologiX’07 – Mar ’07.
  • Delivered a talk on ‘Enterprise application of Web 2.0’ as part of the National Conference on Web 2.0 organized by Computer Society of India, Bangalore, in Feb ’07.
  • Delivered a guest lecture on ‘Web 2.0’ in Christ college, Bangalore – Sep ’06.
  • Delivered a talk on behalf of IBM ISL in an event TechnologiX’06 organized by CSI-SJCE in SJCE, Mysore on the subject – RFID applications.

Papers and publications

  • I am the inventor on a patent “Providing Security for Queries to Electronic Product Code Information Services”:
  • Paper on ‘System and method to interact with an Eclipse based application from an external system’ published in
  • Paper on ‘User annotations to facilitate collaborative web crawling and indexing’ published in

Rewards and recognition

  • Rewarded and recognized for my contributions to weRead in October 2008 and August 2009 for my contributions to Lulu Poetry.
  • Received a Bravo award for excellent contribution in evangelizing Eclipse in E-schools – Oct, 2007.
  • Received the Innovator@ISL award – Feb 2007.
  • Got an early promotion to Staff Software Engineer in IBM.

Other achievements

  • Worked on the release of an Alphaworks technology by name ‘Web browser based interaction with the Eclipse IDE’. There has been a decent response to this technology on the Internet:
  • I am an IBM Certified Solution Developer for XML and Related Technologies (Test 141).
  • Assisted Dr. S. K. Katti in his PhD project, “Finding the Eigen values of a matrix by graphical method”.


Ability to innovate by bridging seemingly disparate entities, ability to jump into a project when things are hazy and bring clarity and deliver on time, ability to train people, programming skills, ability to grasp new technologies in a short time.


Nature and travel photography, reading books, hiking/trekking, hacking. I maintain a site of my own and blog regularly at


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