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How much is my blog worth?

My blog is worth $1,693.62.
How much is your blog worth?

Hmmm, not bad. The latest worth can be found out here.

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Happy birthday ? /\ /\/ /\ /\/ `/ /\

Yeah, this is the day I get to speak out and Gautham shuts up.

I am 2 years old today. I was born on 10th March 2004 at 12:45 in Mysore. Last year, I celebrated my birthday like this. I was called Modus Vivendi then, but now I am called ? ? /\ /\/ /\ /\/ `/ /\.

So here's how I am progressing:

Journal entries: 147

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Google blog search experiments


I searched for the string:
“web 2.0” (collaboration or ajax or blogging or blog or blogs or wiki or rss)
in Google Blog Search and this is the result I got.

The links in the search results differ only in their '#', which means that they refer to the same page but different positions in the page.

In blogs, is it a good idea to have such links or is a single result enough?

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Web 2.0 service aggregation tools

Recently I noticed a new trend in the Web 2.0 aggregation tools. These are tools which combine other web 2.0 services in one place and provide a way to host a single page containing all your services. The most common services provided by these aggregating tools are combining delicious, flickr, blogspot and rss feeds in one place.

Examples of such tools are:

Here are my pages:
My Suprglu page
My Semantic Web page @ Squidoo
My Peoplefeeds page
(I had signed up for squidoo long back and got a chance to check out their public beta offering.)

I found an inherent problem in these services.

What I tried to do is to set up a page which contains feeds of my interest based on various other tag search results. In particular, I wanted it to aggregate feeds from delicious, Technorati, Google blog search, Yahoo news search, Feedster, Icerocket etc. I wanted search results for:
(semanticweb OR semantic-web OR semweb OR sw OR semantic_web) AND (owl OR rdf OR rdfs OR ontology OR ontologies OR taxonomy OR rdql OR SPARQL OR w3c OR metadata OR semantic OR semantics OR knowledge)

These are the problems I faced:
* Most tag search engines are not intelligent enough to provide RSS feeds for such searches.
* The page is not intelligent enough to remove duplicate links. For example, suppose I have a page bookmarked in delicious having the tags as semantic-web and rdf, then that particular link shows up in both the tag searches. So if I combine the tag search results, the page shows up twice.
* Most of the service providers do not have an option to turn off non-English pages. So many Japanese and French (or Latin?!) pages turn up in the results.
* I want a hierarchy. I should be able to create a group “Semantic web” which contains feed results for the search query given above and another group, say “Web 2.0” which has a similar query. I should be able to relate the results of “Semantic web” group with those of “Web 2.0”.
* The ability to view feeds using different views – “Technical” and “Non-technical” or “Office related” or “Non office related”.
* Finally, there should be a theme. I would like to read my “Technical feeds” once a day and “Comics” once a week. How do I separate them?

I am still looking for a solution.

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