My Updates

Nearing the end of it…

We are nearing the end of our first tenure at the IBM campus. And we have learnt a lot here. I liked the training a lot.

It is hard to believe that we have been here for about 1 and a half months. Boy, time does pass by very fast.

Some things worth mentioning are the co-operation that we got from people around; the environment was superb. We were treated just like any other employee. Specially, our mentor is a really cool guy. And ya, we shouldn't forget – we went for team lunch twice with our team. 🙂 We even had a round of bowling. We were allowed to attend team meetings. And we were asked to present in front of the team. What's more, all this we did in addition to learning new technologies and learning IBM products. The IBM intranet is great. It is supposed to be an award-winning intranet.

I have to attend classes now. 🙁 But this is our last semester in college, so better make the most of it. In future, we will never get to attend classes (or bunk it).

My Updates

My first weekend

Weekends are something great and looked forward to in software companies. Although we have been here for 2 weeks now, this is the first weekend we had for ourselves since the last weekend, we had to go back to Mysore to attend the IBM interview.

I therefore didn't want to waste it and so slept the whole day!!!

My Updates

Back to work…

After a very hectic week-end, I am now back to the Golden Towers to continue our project.

I am now placed in IBM and that is what is a real relief.

The interview was fine. The moment they came to know that I was doing a project at IBM, they stopped interviewing me! That was cool.

My Updates

First few days at the IBM campus…

Out of popular demand, I had to put this up.

And for those of you who don't know what I am talking about, I am talking about my experiences of working on a project at IBM.

The project is part of IBM's Extreme Blue project and of course, the project that we are doing a very very small subset of it.

The first day, we had some problems in getting ourself registered. We were asked to come to a place called Embassy Golf Links near the Airport Road center and later were supposed to go to Bannerghatta center of IBM, which is about an hour's journey from Airport Road. The registration process went on till 3 in the afternoon.

We were back to Golden towers at 3:30. We were immediately told what our project is (in very simple terms of course).

We later had problems in getting individual systems and also access to their labs. This is almost sorted out now and we are on our way to 'starting' the project. Meanwhile the other group has already got a deadline!

Right now, we are studying Java and XML most of the time. The mentoring is good and that is a really good experience. We are supposed to attend meetings, give formal presentations and also present papers as part of the project. It is not just about coding. We will be doing design, implementation and testing as well. (Atleast that is what they say :))

We don't have any formal dress code or stringent timings. Life usually starts at 9 in the morning and right now goes on till 7 in the evening although I love to continue working for a little time more. We are given a lot of online material to digest. We are supposed to digest about 50 pages per hour. And that they say, is just the beginning.

We would soon have to do things at a faster rate.

The other group (Thejas and Kote) are to finish a module (very much like our lab cycle) for which they require to know core Java and XML and the deadline is this weekend! (And mind you they say things will become even more difficult as time progresses!)

Anyways, I am enjoying it, because the project seems to be challenging.