Responsible Travel

It is the quest of every relentless traveller to hunt down places that are previously untouched and unheard of. This website provides information about a few such places.

While we encourage you to visit these places, we need to ensure that, as responsible travellers, we maintain the sanctity of these places. Remember that a lot of the places listed here are close to human habitat. Would you like it if strangers litter your backyard?

A few do’s and don’ts:


  • Take care of public property – this includes public transport vehicles, places of stay etc.
  • Follow traffic rules while driving.
  • Follow instructions and rules in places you visit – don’t click photographs where it is prohibited, don’t cross warning marks where present, don’t trespass if it is prohibited.


  • Don’t leave a place more polluted than it was before you visited it. Don’t litter.
  • Don’t make fun of animals in zoos and natural parks.
  • Don’t make excessive noise while on treks.
  • When travelling via night buses or trains, remember that there are tired travellers trying to sleep and you are not the only one in the bus.
  • Respect others’ privacy – don’t make strangers the subject of your photographs without asking their permission.

Let’s learn to enjoy nature without harming it.