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Tried My-MSN

I just tried My-MSN today. It rocks!!! (Gana, please don't tell me I am easily excited by anything.)

Some features that I liked in My-MSN were:
* The look and feel: It is really great. The module colors and the background color are way better than that in My-Yahoo.
* The ability to move modules dynamically: This feature is the best. You can just drag a module from its old position to the new desired position and you are done. (I didn't know this could be done in a browser!)
* A quick way to add a page or module. It is easier to add a page in My-MSN than in My-Yahoo.
* Ability to refresh a particular module on the fly.
* The columns resize themselves and are not as in My-Yahoo.

To sum up, I should say they have made optimal use of their own browser. I don't think most of these features work in Mozilla.

What I didn't like:
* The registration process: Although it was just 1 step, it was tough initially to figure out the concept of .NET passport etc.
* The camouflage image that appears cannot be decoded by an automated program nor by human beings!
* We can just add 5 pages as against 6 in My-Yahoo.
* This one has come from Microsoft. 🙁

How My-Yahoo is better:
* My-Yahoo can be used to integrate the scores of other utilities that Yahoo provides. Ex: Bookmarks, personalized search feeds (you can publish RSS feeds of your searched results!), mail, address book, etc.

Any other site that offers personalized pages? Please let me know…