World Wide Web

And now Personalised search from Yahoo!

Yahoo has come up with yet another idea – Personalized search. (I think it was already there, but this is really cool.)

My Yahoo search lets us search for pages, save them, save keywords and also add notes and mail the searched pages.

What's more, you can also store these pages under different categories and retrieve it at a later time.

Have you ever faced a problem where you saw a particular page and then forgot what “keywords” got you there? Or did you face a problem when you saw a page someday and couldn't retrieve it later because that page appeared in a search listing and you don't know which keywords listed that page?

My Yahoo search is the answer.

Of course I am not advertising anything but here's My Yahoo! Search for you.

As an aside Google also has a personalized search (Yet another Beta from Google! Hey that Beta label looks cool huh! Don't remove it…) at Google Personalized Search. But it is truly not personalized in the sense that the results are dependent on a profile and the profile has to be selected every time(at least if you are using a public computer) you need a personalized search result.

So will Personalized Search be yet another revolution? You bet…