World Wide Web

A general update of many things

This blog entry has no specific title. I wish to talk about a lot of things here:

First and foremost, I have updated my website – ? / // / // `/ ? / /-/. It now reflects a lot of things and is dynamically updated based on RSS feeds. Thanks to RSS-to-Javascript for a cool utility.

From now on, all the items that I search (which I used to normally include in Khoj) will be reflected in my homepage.

All my comments that I make in a hazaar other web-sites will also be dynamically updated in my web-page. (Thanks to this blog entry for the cool hack.)

Let me tell you what this hack is all about:
You might be commenting in a number of other websites and you might wonder how I can club all these together and bring them in one place. This hack helps you do this.

This hack reminds me of the UNIX tooling concept, where you are given small tools and it is up to your creativity to join them together and do wonderful things. Semantic web and Web 2.0 revolution has just started and this is just a taste of it! You will see more of service-combinations in the near future.