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My weekend hack – Twitter Trending Topics

I got this idea of building an application which pulls all the pages mentioned in the trending topics on Twitter. Why would that be useful? Well, it’s the simplest replacement for Google News, but more real time and no tweet noise.

Here are the steps I followed to build this application:

  1. The first step was to use IPython and use the Twitter Search API to get the latest tweets.
  2. I then wrote the code to parse these tweets looking for URL’s in them.
  3. The next step was to get the content from these URL’s, and get the title of the pages.
  4. Next, I had to persist it in the store.
  5. Slap a front-end and allow navigation. At this point, the obvious choice for me was Google AppEngine, since it is the cheapest hosting alternative available. I had to make some changes to the application to accommodate it to Google AppEngine’s requirements, but they were mostly trivial.
  6. Build the styles, the icons, the pretty URL’s and you are done!

The initial setup of the application was done in less than 2 hours time!

You can access the application here: Twitter Trending Topics.

There are a few known bugs, but the overall results are impressive.