World Wide Web

Here it comes

Here comes the press release. IBM released an EPCglobal standards compliant product called WebSphere RFID Information Center.

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My Updates

Technologix 2006

I had been to college today to deliver a talk on behalf of ISL. The talk was on 'Innovation at IBM'. The talk was jointly delivered by me and Tariq Aftab.

We spoke about RFID, IBM Everywhere Interactive Display and IBM Smart Surveillance System (S3). It lasted for about 1 hour 15 mins. Overall, the response was good (the auditorium was jam-packed) and there were questions (which means people understood what is going on).

Ananth Narayan from LTC also accompanied us. Ananth is also an alumnus of SJCE.

We then had the privilege of meeting the principal, the head of the department of computer science and several other lecturers.

It was good to be back in college after such a long time. The atmosphere was pleasant and I felt I am really missing college.

Overall it was a satisfactory mission.

World Wide Web

All your data is ours, but, but wait, what about privacy? contd…

I had recently blogged about privacy concerns with regard to storing data online. And this is what I found today: Do you trust Google?

Among the various things that the article mentions I found these interesting:

* Google working with scientists to make available data related to human genomes. (Now who is going to gift me Google Story?)

* Google providing personal data based on RFID tags.

What is Google upto?!