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Have I stopped blogging?

“Have you stopped blogging?”, people ask me. I don't have a definite answer. True, it has been a long time since I blogged. Although I have been quite active in my online activity as is apparent here I somehow couldn't blog about anything for the last 3 months!

During the course of the 3 months since my last blog entry, I came across quite a lot of things, which I found interesting and would have normally blogged about. However, I got into this vicious circle where I thought that it is not worth blogging about it, after such a long gap and that added to the time, and now it became more and more difficult to blog about something.

Ok, so what's keeping me interested?

  • Lotus connections, specially the idea of Activities. This has been an eye-opener regarding the way I organize information in my system/s.
  • The emergence of a new web pattern of “server pushing information” to the browser, commonly referred to as Comet.
  • ProjectZero, which is IBM's answer to rapid and 'Zero' obstacle development of Web oriented applications.
  • TiddlyWiki – I wonder why I did not come across this before! It is absolutely fabulous and the idea of a single page self-contained wiki is just too good to believe and sometimes scary. 🙂

Also, of late, I started getting interested in analysis of web activities.

A day of effort, and some hacking of the Firefox history and a tool called RapidMiner helped me get some insights into my browsing habits, which I had never thought about before. I noticed a pattern in the way I come across new topics. Also I learnt about the way I get to certain frequently accessed sites and what I can do to get to certain information quicker than ever before. Finally, I realized that the new Firefox extension has helped me improve my browsing habits and made my bookmarks more valuable.

It is really interesting to see what other 'inferences' are possible with the data that is already available! Considering the fact that data today is available in a wide-variety of open-formats and the data also being openly available, it is possible to fetch all this data, feed it to some analyzer and get some interesting insights and use that to make your web journey more fruitful. The Flickr Cluster experiments are just tip of the iceberg!

Some projects/tools related to this are APML, ManyEyes.

Ok, I have written about a wide variety of topics that I am currently finding interesting.

So, finally, back to the question I started off with. Have I stopped blogging? The answer definitely has got to be a 'No'!

World Wide Web

Blog spamming?!

Recently saw some anonymous comments in many of my friend's blogs. (I don't know if it is there in some entry of mine. I didn't care to check.)

Well, this made me check on the web about blog spamming. And guess what I found out? A novel idea to advertise your product. Just write a small script, which just keeps commenting others' blogs and thus helps raise the ranking in sites like Google. Check this out.

Any new invention has its inherent problems. Can't help it…

World Wide Web

Blogging – the new revolution?!

I had to add something, after all I had to tell people that I am alive!

Good to know people are joining this new community.

It reminds me of the day when Bharat introduced me to blogging. The first question I asked him was “Are people jobless?”. Now I realize how useful it is.

And then the question why people blog? I have been thinking about it for quite sometime and found 2 pretty good reasons for it:

* To share experiences.
* To share knowledge. (Ever heard of longhornblogs?)

Well, that seems to be pretty good reasons. So keep blogging. (But isn't it bad to know that the word blog is still not in the English dictionary?)

To wind up here's an article on blogs, which talks about what blogging is all about. Copy-cat M$ has also jumped into this field.

What's more? Our CGI project this time is on blogging. Can someone suggest me a good name for it?