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Experiment with Delicious and Python

Once in a while, I look at my Delicious bookmarks to get an idea of what I have been upto in recent time. The ‘Current Interests‘ tool was written with exactly that in mind.

I began to wonder if my bookmarks can give me an idea of trends in technology and my interest in them. So I quickly wrote a Python script to give me the top tags in each year and here are the results.

Top tags in 2005

storage google Reference computer-history wiki reference opensource Usability research news mycomments semantic-web video kr Tools programming-paradigms khoj web read tools webservices web2.0 software rss usability programming xslt IBM search

Comments: 2005 was the first year that I started using delicious and was still getting the hang of tagging. While I used quite a few of them, they were mostly for categorization of the bookmarks than for tagging per se. My interests in programming paradigms, semantic web and usability are apparent.

Top tags in 2006

sw-applications semantic-web social sw-technologies ui javascript tools web acm java tagging mycomments bibliophile wikipedia-article database Reference owl xml rdf google ajax khoj eclipse search rss web2.0 programming referencenews

Comments: 2006 was the year of Semantic Web and Web 2.0. So most tags in this list are related to these.

Top tags in 2007

web2.0 productivity ajax tabs webactivity geronimo tomcat search ibm architecture jetty eclifox functional-programming javascript tiddlywiki video apache rest eclipse-plugin eclipse java firefox database swt wikipedia-article firefox-extension json comet http browser

Comments: 2007 was like the year of technologies for me. The primary ones I see in that list are Eclipse, Firefox, Tomat, Comet and everything around it. My bookmarks of notable mentions of Eclifox makes it one of the top tags.

Top tags in 2008

amazon opensocial twitter weread iread eclifox security lulu performance gdd php firefox google firefox-extension ubuntu tools drupal api social-networking wikipedia-article books video privacy browser facebook music yahoo mysqljavascript web2.0

Comments: 2008 was the year of weRead/iRead for me. Besides these, you will see several tags related to social networking. My interest in music is also apparent.

Top tags in 2009

rss linux visualization keyword portrait performance python google google-wave lens wildlife photography ubuntu india library weread semantic-web nature-photography database
javascript twitter seo tools firefox webactivity ubiquity search privacy firefox-extension google-search

Comments: A huge interest in photography has skewed the cloud mostly towards it.

So my hunch was right. The tag cloud does give an idea of what I have been upto!