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Microsummaries – a new feature in Firefox 2

Ever felt that the title of bookmarks should be more lively, just like the pages themselves? Microsummaries are just that.

I just hit upon this wonderful feature when I was reading my feeds.

The idea behind Microsummaries is to have some service in the browser periodically fetch the most important content in a page and then use this as the page title.

Some places where this is useful is stock quotes, front page news stories etc.

Here's a screenshot:

I tried to create a Summary bookmark, which fetches the most recent bookmarks from the RSS feed. Although I expected it to work, it didn't. 🙁 Firebug showed an exception everytime the back-end service was called. The browser is still in the Alpha release, so I am pretty confident the feature will be better when the browser is released.

There are a host of other new features in the next version of Firefox, but what I am specially interested in, is the Places system of bookmarking (scheduled to be released with version 3).

Bookmarking is indeed undergoing a revolution in the way they are used in the browser!