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Any relation between President Bush’s speech and Semantic Web?

This blog entry is about a news item, which says that it was a professor of a university who originally wrote President Bush's speech. How was it found out and what are its implications?

Well, look at this article: National Strategy for victory in Iraq.

Now download the PDF document and view the properties of the PDF document. Do you see “feaver_p”?

Here's the reasoning that NYTimes article gives about this:

The role of Dr. Feaver in preparing the strategy document came to light through a quirk of technology. In a portion of the document usually hidden from public view but accessible with a few keystrokes, the plan posted on the White House Web site showed the document's originator, or “author” in the software's designation, to be “feaver-p.”

This has raised concerns about metadata harming the privacy of people.

Some more interesting analysis here and here (These are the articles which relate to metadata over the semantic web).

Ethics is going to be a really hot field soon. 🙂