A review of the Nokia 5230 (Nuron) Touchscreen Smartphone

I have been waiting for a sub 200$ smart phone which is either Linux based or Android based and can work seamlessly in Ubuntu. For some weird reason I have been extemely stingy about paying for smart phones – I really don’t see a point in shelling out 30k (Rs) for a phone, when you can buy a laptop for a similar price or a netbook for half the price. Dell Netbooks are available for as low as 300$, and there are a few android tablets such as the OlivePad being introduced for even cheaper prices. Considering this I feel it is a stretch to even pay 200$ for a phone.

So when I learnt about the Nokia 5230, I was excited. It was neither Android based nor Linux based, but I could atleast keep up with the developments in the mobile space at a cheap price. It didn’t take me long to decide to buy one.

This is the first smartphone I have owned, so needless to say I am excited about the features. All I really care about in a phone (other than the regular call/messaging features) is the browsing and PDA capabilities of the phone. I had earlier decided to go for the Nokia 5233, but it does not have GPS, and the 5230 comes with AGPS for an extra Rs. 1000/- so I decided to go for it.