My Updates

Nearing the end of it…

We are nearing the end of our first tenure at the IBM campus. And we have learnt a lot here. I liked the training a lot.

It is hard to believe that we have been here for about 1 and a half months. Boy, time does pass by very fast.

Some things worth mentioning are the co-operation that we got from people around; the environment was superb. We were treated just like any other employee. Specially, our mentor is a really cool guy. And ya, we shouldn't forget – we went for team lunch twice with our team. 🙂 We even had a round of bowling. We were allowed to attend team meetings. And we were asked to present in front of the team. What's more, all this we did in addition to learning new technologies and learning IBM products. The IBM intranet is great. It is supposed to be an award-winning intranet.

I have to attend classes now. 🙁 But this is our last semester in college, so better make the most of it. In future, we will never get to attend classes (or bunk it).