Want a Linux flavor for human beings?

My first experience with any Linux flavor has been usually bad. But this one wasn't.

I had heard about Ubuntu a long time back but somehow could not use it. The requirement of the Internet for installation was too much to ask.

However, I was interested in trying out a new flavor of Linux and so asked for a CD. I like KDE more than Gnome and so I asked for Kubuntu. The coolest feature that I saw was that there was only one CD, which acted like both a Live CD and an installation CD. Boot the OS and if you like it, click on an icon and it installs as if the OS were an application.

There were no hassles. The live CD booted without any problems. I was even able to access the net. was also able to access the net using a USB modem using the Live CD (imagine doing that without even touching your hard drive!). Both of us were excited.

The installation however gave me some problems. (My success rate of installing Linux in one try, thus, still remains at zero! 🙁 ) I had forgotten that I had mounted a Linux ext3 drive and I was trying to format it during the installation. The install process crashed and asked me to refer to some logs for more info (which I did not). Failing during installing Linux is not a big deal! So I tried again.

This time I tried a slightly different option and I was given a clue that I could be trying to format a partition that is mounted.

That was it. I did not face any problems after that.

If you are like others and wants to use open source software, but are shuddered by the idea of a 'Linux installation' or 'package dependencies', try Ubuntu.

There are more packages than you can imagine. There is something (actually a lot) for everyone. You will find applications that you use in your day to day use or atleast find equivalents.

Overall, I am more than satisfied with Kubuntu. Thanks to all the developers and the people behind this wonderful revolution.

Wanna try it out? You can ask for free CD's by asking for it here.

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