About remembering names

How many times has this happened to you: You have met someone and you don't remember his name now? You say, “Pardon me but I forgot your name.”

Management gurus say, “If you forget names, you are forgetting your business.” True, I feel. Just call a person by his name and see how important that person feels!

I remember having read in, “How to win friends and influence people” about a person (I forgot his name 🙂 ) who remembered the names of 50,000 other people. He was a politician and could even remember the names of people who he met just once. If he found a name difficult to remember, he used to ask them to repeat it and if it was still difficult to remember, he would ask them to spell it.

I tried this technique once. There is a person in IBM (I don't want to disclose his name here) who has a really strange name. I tried this technique and still remember his name. Ironically, I have forgotten the names of many others here!