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Microblogging experiences

I have been looking for the perfect micro-blogging service. In the last one week I tried 3 services: Twitter, Tumblr and Pownce.

Here is what I liked in each:


The good

  • Simple and elegant. Gets the job done.
  • Has IM support.
  • Good Facebook integration.

The bad

  • The 140 character limit is more limiting than SMS.
  • All twitters are public.
  • No option to comment on twitters. The @ replies are confusing.


The good

  • Really cool interface. Ability to post text, photos, links, audio and video in one place.
  • Import entries from other services like, flickr, twitter etc.
  • Re-blogging.
  • Easy sharing of all my entries with people in my social-network.
  • Ability to comment on entries.
  • Entries can be either for self or public.
  • Good archive view.

The bad

  • No Facebook integration yet.
  • The timestamp on imported entries is wrong (possibly because of timezone differences).
  • Some of the entries are not imported – looks like a bug.


The good

  • Simple interface.
  • Extensive privacy options for entries.
  • Looks like there is Facebook integration (not tried this yet).

The bad

  • There is no ability to import entries from other services.

All 3 services have API support.

I am still on the look out for a good microbloging service. I need some service that offers the simplicity of Twitter and the features of Tumblr. I will stick to Twitter until I see one service that helps me with all my requirements.