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ApacheCon US 2007 / OS Summit Asia 2007

Two of my colleagues and friends Vamsi & Shiva, who are committers on Apache Geronimo will be conducting training sessions at ApacheCon US 2007 / OS Summit Asia 2007.

Java EE 5 App Development on Geronimo 2.0 simplified using Eclipse by Shiva Kumar
Attendees will learn how to develop, deploy, test and debug Java EE 5.0 applications on Apache Geronimo using Eclipse and WTP (Web Tools Platform). They will have hands-on lab exercises on (and hence be masterful at):

  1. Setting up the Eclipse IDE for Java EE 5.0 App Development on Geronimo v2.0, including starting/stopping of Geronimo server from within Eclipse.
  2. Developing a simple Java EE 5.0 application from scratch (consisting of a few JSPs, Servlets, Session Beans and JPA Entity Beans), and deploying and testing it on the Geronimo server.
  3. Adding MDBs and WebServices into the above application using Eclipse WTP v2.0 tools.
  4. Debugging Java EE applications using Eclipse.

Attendees will also compare their newly developed Java EE 5.0 application with an equivalent J2EE application, and left appreciative of some of the newest features brought by Java EE 5 (like Annotations) that greatly simplify enterprise application development.

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Securing Java EE Applications in Apache Geronimo by Vamsavardhana Reddy
The attendees will learn about the prerequisites for various security realms provided by Geronimo, the choice of data stores (Simple Text Files, LDAP, Database, Digital Certificates) they have for user credentials, how to create security realms to authenticate users using the data in these data stores, configure Web/EJB/EAR application security and enable advanced features like Principal wrapping, Single-Sign-On, Auditing and Lockout. After completing the training, the users will be in a position to decide what best suits their development/deployment needs, create security realms and create necessary deployment plans to secure their applications using the realms.

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Hurry up and register soon. There is a discount on the registration fee if you register before 22nd October 2007.