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2005: Well done 2006: Looking forward – A recollection of the achievements in 2005

I am impressed. I should say I have done a good job in 2005.

* To begin with, it was the 7th semester projects and the exams.
* Then started my second tenure in IBM.
* In between was “Technologix 2005”.
* Then came the 8th semester exams.
* The idea of Ananyeah that kept us busy all day.
* An offer from a startup.
* Finally, squeezing myself into IBM and the getting into action immediately.
* And finally getting into a really good project and exponentially increasing my knowledge and experience (including attending seminars and trainings), having fun and also completing a certification.

I am satisfied!!!

World Wide Web

Predictions 2006

So what if the predictions don't come true? Afterall, which astrologer has made cent per cent accurate predictions? Here's my attempt at it. These are predictions about companies and technologies in the year 2006.


1. Google will get into serious trouble in the middle of the year, which may be a set-back for one or more of their web initiatives. The entire world has its fingers crossed. In a serious turn of events, however, Google emerges the winner with minor bruises.

2. Microsoft makes yet another attempt at thrashing open source. This could be either in the browser industry or with support for open source.

3. Microsoft releases the much awaited Vista. However certain features are not made available saying they are being finalized. It gets decent response.

4. Some major fight occurs in the open source community. This might result in one famous person losing his respect.

5. Yahoo launches 2 very powerful web applications. The response is really enormous initially, but the effect dies down soon for one of the applications. The effect of the other continues for some time.

6. RSS sees a major revolution in some form. It provides special support for blogs, bookmarks and becomes bi-directional.

7. Tagging sees a major revolution. It becomes more organized but maintains its simplicity. It is provided special support from one of the biggies.

8. Semantic web as usual is not able to make a major impact as 'the' technology, but sees application in some new industry verticals and silently continues its influence.

9. IBM, with the release of Workplace makes a major breakthrough in the collaboration space.

10. Apple releases yet another music device with advanced capabilities. The response is superb.

11. And last but not the least, there is some company other than the biggies that will thrive. There is a fight among 2 majors to acquire that company.

Wanna have fun? Make predictions.