Building your own
Desktop Cloud Environment

Gautham Pai
July 9, 2011

The problems we face as developers


How about Desktop Virtualization?

Why desktop virtualization?

Virtualization or cloud?

Why QEMU-KVM and not Virtualbox?

What we want to try out

System Requirements

This will help us run as many as 5 VM images in parallel


The Approach

First, a look at a few terminologies


The Approach

Installing Pre-requisites

$ sudo apt-get install virt-manager qemu-kvm

Starting Virt Manager

$ sudo virt-manager

Networking requirements

Setting up the Bridge Network

Name your virtual network

Choose an IPv4 Address Space

Select DHCP Range

Setup NAT forwarding

Review and finish the wizard

Create the Base VM

Choose the Distribution to Install

Set RAM and CPUs

Set the Disk Space

Finalize the VM creation

Install the OS in the Base VM

Select Hostname

Select Disk

Confirm Disk Format

Installation Progress

Installation Progress

Create User

Set Username

Configure APT

Set Automatic Upgrades

Installing Additional Software

Installing Pre-defined Collections

Installation Progress

Install GRUB

Install GRUB

Installation Complete

Installation Complete

Verifying the Base VM installation

Cloning the Base VM

Starting and stopping the VMs

$ #Start the domains
$ virsh start webserver && virsh start dbserver && virsh start codeserver
$ #Destroy the domains
$ virsh destroy webserver && virsh destroy dbserver && virsh destroy codeserver

Where to go from here?



Thank you!