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The disadvantage of LJ

With about a year's experience in blogging and commenting on others' blogs, I realized that LJ has one problem.

Consider this:

Suppose I go and tell my friends (non-geeks) that I have started blogging, it doesn't interest them much because my blogs are filled with technical stuff, which they won't be interested in. Now if I start blogging about non-technical things, I suppose my main purpose of blogging is lost.

In order to serve both purposes, LJ should have provided some provision to place blogs under different categories. Now all that I need to tell my friends is go to page (this URL doesn't exist. don't try to open it) to view my blog. And if you are intend to know what I am interested in blogging about you may visit You may similarly have many more categories like this.

Is this feature already available in LJ? If so please let me know as I need this provision badly.

A good example is Chandan's blog.

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People criticize me saying that my blog is only full of links. But hey, this is my blog! You are no one to question right?!

Coming to the point, I had written earlier about XtraGoogle. Now how about some similar tool from Google (Labs)? Have a look at this: GoogleX.

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LJ can be used for RSSing

I just realized that your LJ friend's page can be used for getting RSS feeds. Just go to and then add the RSS links of your choice and enjoy!

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MV is approaching its first birthday

Now that Modus Vivendi is approaching its first birthday, some stats are in place.

As on Mar 11, 2005 the number of comments received from different users are as follows:

1 27 comments 31.03% of total
2 17 comments 19.54% of total
3 8 comments 9.2% of total
4 6 comments 6.9% of total
5 6 comments 6.9% of total
6 5 comments 5.75% of total
7 4 comments 4.6% of total
8 2 comments 2.3% of total
9 2 comments 2.3% of total
10 2 comments 2.3% of total
11 2 comments 2.3% of total
12 2 comments 2.3% of total
13 1 comments 1.15% of total
14 1 comments 1.15% of total
15 1 comments 1.15% of total
16 1 comments 1.15% of total

These statistics were generated using the LJ Stats Web Interface by . Original idea from 's LJ Comment Stats Wizard.

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Brain boost :)

Hey this is really cool.

Brainboost calls itself an answer engine and not a search engine.

What brainboost does is take questions and attempt to answer it. These are some questions that I got the correct answers for (of course you have to search for the most relevant one in the list of answers provided).

When was Gandhiji killed?
Who is Bharat Shetty?
What is Websphere MQ?
etc etc etc

But of course there are certain questions which it couldn't answer well.

In simple terms, questions like what, where etc would probably be answered well. But for others it needs some work.

Suppose my question contains a word, I expect the site to search for all relevant words – for example, for killed it should also include assasinated, murdered etc, but it doesn't do that.

We can rate Brainboost somewhere between a chat-bot (which they say it is not) and a normal search engine. And ya, it is better than Ask which just gives results and doesn't try to answer them.

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Hey did you change your mobile number?

How many times has this happened to you? “Hey man, I tried to contact you but I couldn't contact you through your old mobile number. What are you upto these days?”

I recently changed my mobile number and found many people asking me this question.

Plaxo is a solution. And wonder how I came to know about Plaxo? Read this: a blog by our very own .

For my contact information you can check out Gautham's contact information page at Plaxo anytime in future.

And ya, remember to keep your plaxo page updated!

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Tried out Nextaris

Nextaris is a tool that helps in management and creation of information in one place. Nextaris says it is an entirely new concept although I didn't find it too new.

But I should say, the idea of integrating search, saving clippings (this feature is really useful), saving links, blogging, publishing all at one place is a real cool idea.

All these tools although available, are not available at one place. Worth giving it a shot.

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Wanna search different Google services for a keyword? Try

A nice utility.

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Google tool out of Beta!!!

You know what, Google has moved one of its tools out of beta. Google Desktop Search is now not Beta anymore!!!

No beta there!

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10 years Yahoo!

Yahoo recently celebrated it's 10th birthday. As a remembrance, Yahoo brought out this really cool page. The page talks about web history in 100 images. Really worth having a look.