Comment acceptance

I receive a lot of comments that Akismet does not end up filtering, and frankly, it is difficult even for a human to filter them out. Spammers are getting very intelligent these days!

In order to maintain the sanity of this blog, I reserve the right to edit or remove your comments – in order to remove links to websites that you may be marketing and I find it unsuitable to the audience of this blog.

The general guideline I use is: “When in doubt, remove”.

The criteria I use depends on various factors, but here are some major ones:

  • how many other blogs have similar comments?
  • how many other blogs have comments from the same person?
  • is the name of the person generic/anonymous?
  • is the content of the website linked to relevant to the post commented on?
  • is it a personal blog or a business blog?
  • does the site have a reference to your name that you used in this comment?
  • does the comment look like it is generated and/or is generic (and could be applied to any post)?

If the comment is relevant, I keep the comment and remove the irrelevant links. If the comment is generic and a few of the above criteria match, I remove the comment entirely.

If you feel I have wrongly judged your comment, and feel it should stay as is, you can either let me know why, or ask me to remove your comment, and I will promptly do so.

Here are some commenting guidelines that you could look at.