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iPod Nano – my new acquisition

What would you prefer? A single gadget which does all or a gadget which does the best in its category?

I got a new 4 GB blue iPod Nano today. Special thanks to my cousin for getting it from Canada.

I was criticized by some for not buying a music phone. Their opinion was, “Why spend 10k on a gadget that does one thing, when you can have everything in one device for that amount?”

Ideally speaking, I would like a single device myself, but then when it comes to quality I better not compromise. I would rather prefer a mobile phone for calls/messaging, a music player for music and a camera for snaps. Too many gadgets? Difficult to manage? Well, not for me.

The nano is perhaps the sleekest it can get; any more sleeker and you will risk breaking it when manipulating the wheel!

iPod has been the best music player available. Hats off to the guys behind its User Interface. If someone is planning a PhD in User Experience, you better work in Apple for a significant part of your career!

Well, as far as the iPod is concerned, I should say it's great! The sound is amazing, so is the battery backup and as already mentioned, the User Interface will leave you amazed as to how simple things can be.