Multi core uhh… homo sapiens

A long time back in the dense forests of WonderLand, 'people' decided to create a multi core 'processor'. For those who don't know what that is, a multi-core processor contains more than one processor packaged together as a single unit. Computation can then be shared between these processors and the result assimilated.

Now think of these 'people' to be the ones who designed the human brain and the 'processors' to be human beings. Does that remind you of H2G2 or the Matrix? May be.

Ok, now what would multi-core mean in this case? Computation shared between people? Well, how about you calling someone to ask him, which movie you went to last Sunday because you forgot that name? May be.

Ok let's exaggerate this a little more. I am not a technical astrologer, but soon a time will come when your information will be stored across multiple things (both living and non-living) and you just make a mental picture of who has what, or what has what. How many of us now rely on our mental abilities for simple things like addition of a list of numbers? How about your dad's mobile number? Or how about the site where you downloaded that music track? How about your best friend's birthday? Or calling up your friend to ask him which company your other friend is working in. Or the day you bought your bike? The list continues…

Hey! Did I really blog this. Forget what I said, I was asleep.