Windows XP a complete re-write?

This is just humor (no real facts down here… Or is there?!):

I remember having read that Windows XP was rewritten from scratch. But the day I found out that it was not possible to create a folder by name “con” in Windows XP I started experimenting.

It is not possible to create this folder in either FAT or an NTFS partition. This clearly indicates that the problem lies not in Windows kernel as such, but in the filesystem (considering that filesystem is separate from the kernel in a microkernel approach). And since NTFS is adopted in Windows XP and FAT was there earlier, NTFS was not a complete rewrite.

Me and tried something else. How about trying to create a folder from Linux on a mounted Windows drive? It was not possible to do this.

Now comes the question, is Windows XP a real rewrite? I don't think so. Microsoft is known for showing off things which others would have created ages ago. The recent show PDC'05 is an evidence of this. The speaker was demonstrating the new browser IE 7 and said, “And look what we have here : Tabs!!!”

This made me think:

Is it true that Windows XP hangs less than Windows 98? If so, how did Microsoft do this?

This is how they did it:

Windows 98 kernel:


Windows XP kernel:


And lo!!! Windows XP does not hang!!!