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Google Earth now shows Bangalore

Yeah, it's true! Google Earth now shows Bangalore satellite images.

Without any more words, let's get to business (I didn't want to mark the images):

Golden Towers – The place where I work currently:

(Landmark: Just in front of the X shaped building is a L building, which is Golden Enclave. To the right is Golden Tower. It is a small building. To the front is empty space, which is the parking space.)

Embassy Golf Links:

(Landmark: To the front of EGL is the Golf course, and to the right bottom is the airport runway. The IBM EGL buildings are to the left of the Golf course, to the left top of the picture.)

Embassy Golf Links – IBM:

(Landmark: This clearly shows the IBM EGL buildings.)

How about some other places in Bangalore?


(Description: The railway station to the left and the U shaped bus stand. Looks majestic. )

Chinnaswami stadium:

(Description: Needs none.)


(Description: The runway looks good, but the airport is spoiling the city. Too much of pollution. 🙁 )

Experiment with Google Earth Now!!!