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Babies and Information overload?

I thought and thought whether it would be appropriate to put this in my blog, but later decide to enter it anyways.

I watched a documentary on Discovery some days back on how babies start learning things. The documentary said, babies take about a year and a half to start learning words, then combining them to form mini-sentences (2-words) and then speak in normal language.

To think about it, you can imagine the amount of information that the child is provided with, but it just takes its own time (least bothered about the pace of the world).

But within 3 years they are masters in the field. They have learnt a new language.

It is not just language, mind you. Within 3 years, children learn quite a lot of other important things like walking, eating, what not… and 3 years is less than the time that we spend during our engineering.

(Why this article? What am I trying to say? Interpret it yourself…)