World Wide Web

Lab exams went well

My lab exams went well. For Internet Programming it was our beloved HOD. He as usual was least interested in our project.

The Networking Lab was too good. I can't forget it for some time.

Our project was a web-grabber and it was working quite well. But on the lab exam day, we saw that the net was not configured and so we had some problems initially. Thanks to IndraKumar, all was well in about 15 minutes. We then grabbed the entire SJCE website in less than 15 minutes!

When the internal examiner came smiling and asked us about our project, we said it was a grabber. He hadn't heard about a grabber!

So we started showing him the grabbed JC website. He couldn't believe it. He asked us to show the grabbing process in front of him. We said, “Sir, we haven't yet started the demo. Please wait. We shall explain everything first and then give a formal demo”.

The demo went on for about 45 minutes. We kept explaining one feature after another. We didn't allow him to ask questions (we answered everything quite well, before he could question).

He was quite satisfied.

And now let me concentrate on our theory exams.